NPO法人team RESCUE代表理事挨拶

On March 11th, 2011, Japan incurred the heaviest disaster in history, the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake.

The damage was severe that profoundly impacted the value of all Japanese people.

We sincerely feel sorry for people in the damaged areas.

We, team Rescue, have been providing humanitarian support as a student-run volunteer group since the incidence. The group was established to give aids to people in need and became a non-profit organization in August 2012.

Though people’s memory of the disaster fades as time lapses, our job is to share our relief work experience with others and message the importance of disaster prevention. In this way, we believe that the true revitalization of devastations will be reached by being committed to giving compassionate aids to disaster survivors.

また、最近では、地球温暖化とそれに伴う様々な自然環境の変化や自然災害に対し、日本人の誰しもが、未来に危機感を感じていると思います。このような中、今回の震災を機に、自然環境の保全、生命の大切さ、また、ボランテイアに対する関心と必要性は非常に高まってきているとも感じております。 私たちチームレスキューは今後も、東日本大震災での復興支援にとどまらず、これから起こりうるであろう災害に対し、これまでの経験を生かし、災害ボランテイアを通して、災害地の皆様の想いと共に再生に向かうお手伝いを止める事無くし続けたいと思っております。
Considering recent changes in natural environment and disaster due to global warming, it is clear that most Japanese people feel immediate danger in their future. Through the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake, I acknowledge that the urgency of the protection of natural environment, the value of life, and the interest and importance of volunteering have been becoming significant. We, team Rescue, using our volunteering experience and skills, are dedicated to continuously provide humanitarian and compassionate care to damaged areas for future natural disaster.

代表理事 小野 隆史
Board Member Representative